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I have worked in the industrial maintenance field for 40 plus years. I have the attitude that everyday brings oportunity to learn from others or share the knowledge one has with others. Working together always makes a strong and productive team.  
Systems and equipment

Systems and equipment

We can inspect your current systems, make recommendations for improvement and help with the implementations by training your employees on the best mechanical practices. Identifying and eliminating problem areas and reoccurring equipment failures can increase run time and lower operating costs. Working together to build team expectations toward common goals can cultivate a good and safe work environment.

Best Mechanical Practices

The Rebuild of equipment to specifications. Proper coupling alignment. Balancing flows within the systems so it can fuctionn at it's most efficent point. Field balance equipment as needed after installation.

  • Rock Springs, WY, USA

John Besso Owner/Operator of JB Mechanical Services Located in Wyoming I can travel to your location or set up an online meeting. We can discuss your concerns and come up with solutions for your problems. This can help increase run time and elimnate unwanted costly repairs.

All onsite consulting and training will be bill at a hourly rate. On site training can be mutiple days at 8 hours or longer depending on your needs.

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  • Service Duration: 01:00 Hours
  • Price:$150.00